Sunday, December 14, 2008

A new experience

That's a new experience for me. I'm scared and excited about it.

I've always liked writing and to tell the true during my teens I thought I was going to be a journalist, a reporter or something like that. Then, life leads you somewhere else.

First of all I apologize to everyone for any kind of mistake you may find: I'm not a native English-speaker but I promise I'll try to do my best!

Why this blog? I travel since I was 14. I work in the travel business as I'm a event manager and I design, plan, organize and coordinate meetings and events. I meet thousands of people from all around the world. And, what is always surprising to me is the common opinion that Italy is a wonderful country: great food, superb wines, friendly people, gorgeous landscapes, rich in history, culture and monuments, a country where style and design are our king and queen and the motto (saying) "bella vita" is almost a religion.

That is true, but partially true.

One of my pastime is reading books about life in Italy and Sicily and most of all about Italian and Sicilian cuisine. What I find funny is that most of the time the authors are not Sicilian nor Italian even if they seem to know Italy and Sicily better that us. Expecially when talking about food, they seem to manage the secrets of our cooking even better than us.

That is sometimes true, not always true.

My commitment and my great pleasure will be to up-date you about Sicilian life through a true Sicilian point of view. It is a pure selfish need but also a way to claim the right to write and say about Sicily as a Sicilian.
I will introduce you to the Sicilian life through regular posting about food, wine, places, people and more.

I'm not a chef nor a wine maker, I'm not a writer nor a journalist. But I'm passionate about my country and I will be passionate in this new experience of mine.

And it is my opportunity to reach my teenager's dream! Thank's to technology, that's to Internet, thank's to the blogs!

Sometimes I will be the means as I would like to introduce you to great people I know: chefs, wine makers, designers, all good new and old friends of mine, to let you enjoy their Italian or Sicilian experience. Sometimes I will just write down my experience and share my thoughts with you.

So, welcome everybody, welcome to Sicily, welcome to The Sicilian Experience!

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