Sunday, December 14, 2008

About Sicily

"… A landscape in which it is possible to find what on earth
seems to be made to seduce eyes, mind, imagination…".

These are the true words of a great writer Guy de Maupassant, who didn’t just imagine Sicily but really lived it.

I was born and raised in Sicily, I work in Sicily and I love and hate it.
This is a beautiful but so complicated island.
A holiday in Sicily is a journey to the roots of the world, a journey to a rich source of nature, history and culture, melted into a small triangle of land in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea.

I like to say that Sicily is The view of time.

Sicily, with about 5.200.000 inhabitants, is the most extensive region in Italy and the largest island in the Mediterranean and it is separated from the Italian peninsula by the Strait of Messina.

Sicily has always been a microcosm: a composite world in which people of different races, religions and languages have clashed and met in different periods of its history: the Greeks, the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Vandals, the Arabs, the Normans, the Swabians, the Spanish have created in the island a unique and multifaced development and interchange of civilization leaving a rich heritage in terms of culture, architecture, food, way of living.

Sicily is a land of great conflicts and contradictions. For its richness in beauty, nature, history, food I wish there was a corrsponding wealth in awareness, self determination, public consciousness, respect of the res publica, development.

Italians and mostly Sicilians are all around the world, many of them now descendants of the first immigrand of the beginning of the 20th century, others what I define the new de-luxe immigrants, people who decided to leave Italy and Sicily for top positions in the most advanced countries of the world.

This of mine is meant to be an ideal journey into space and time, to seek and to find flavours and colours, unique and unforgettable feelings and images.
This is an invitation to experience Sicily and enjoy everything this island can offer.

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