Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cuccia cake - welcome to Christmas time

The Cuccia is a typical Sicilian dessert which traditionally inaugurate Christmas time on the day of St. Lucy, the 13th of December.

500 gr of soft wheat
50 gr of fresh ricotta cheese
300 gr of sugar
100 gr of plain chocolate
1/2 a sachet of vanilla or cinnamon
pistachios or candid fruit

The wheat must be soaked for 3 days and the water must be changed at least twice.
The day before preparing the cake, the wheat must be strained, then immersed into salty water and cooked on a low flame for 6/8 hours. Let it rest in the same pan all night long.

The day after, strain the wheat and put it in a bowl.

Then start preparing the ricotta cream: put the ricotta cheese and the sugar in a pan and cook it on a moderate flame, bring it to the boil and put it out. Make it cold and add the chocolate in pieces, the vanilla or the cinnamon and at last the wheat.
Finally, mix all ingredients, pour the mixture in a cake tin and let it rest for 3 hrs.
Serve it on a plate or on a small bowl and cover with pistachio or candid fruit.

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