Thursday, March 12, 2009

Regina Lucia - interior and food design in Syracuse

A brand new restaurant in Syracuse, the Regina Lucia, located in Piazza Duomo: an excellent excercise of style for interior and food design in Sicily.
Syracuse is one of the most interesting and beautiful Sicilian town: it is a must-to-visit for everyone travelling around Sicily. I couple of weeks ago I was there with my husband to see what was new in town and Regina Lucia is definitely the most interesting news.

I said an excellent excercise of interior and food and design. The venue, more a multi-functionnal place than just a restaurant, is charming, the vaulted roof and walls of limestone dating back to the Sicilian Baroque-style period, late 1600, match perfectly with the essential and pure lines of the furniture.

The food tells about the territory, ingredients are fresh and local, the extra-virgin olive oil is delicious with the home-made bread. Each plate is quite balanced referring both to its flavours and its design. The chef is very young and very promising.

Let me tell you that the real plus of Regina Lucia is its staff: professional, corteous, smiling. Not very easy to find in Sicily.

And creative, yes they are. I'm allergic to a lot of things, I couln't eat any of the desserts listed in the menu. They came with a brand new dessert created last-second for me: a delicious just made almond torrone (kind of nougat) flavoured with lemon flakes and covered with segments of tangerins and chocolate topping! I was very honoured for this "Doriana's extravagance"!
Regina Lucia
Piazza Duomo 6, Siracusa
T + 0931 22509
© Text and picture by Doriana Briguglio

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